Symptoms of Dehydration

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Dehydration i.e lack of water in the body (what symptoms of dehydration) – The problem of dehydration arises when an excessive amount of fluid comes out of our body and needs to be replenished. But, we do not consume enough water. If it is not treated, this problem can become a serious problem. In this article, know the symptoms of dehydration i.e. lack of water in the body, and home remedies to overcome the lack of water, home remedies to treat dehydration.

What Symptoms of dehydration i.e Lack of Water in the Body

Symptoms of dehydration include feeling tired (lethargic) or confused, dry mouth, sweating despite extreme heat, not urinating for eight hours, burning urination, dry mouth, lips, and eyes, and feeling dizzy or light-headed.

Lack of water in the body | What is Dehydration?

Although it is necessary to drink a sufficient amount of water every season, in summer it is needed more. During this season a lot of water goes out of the body in the form of sweat to maintain the body temperature and this is the reason why the number of patients with dehydration increases a lot during the summer season.

Lack of water in the body increases the risk of kidney diseases. Even because of this, a large number of people die, so it would be better to recognize its symptoms in time, take measures to overcome the lack of water, and avoid many serious problems.

Symptoms of dehydration i.e. lack water in the body

When there is a lack of water in the body, our body gives some signals, which you can easily recognize.

  • lip dryness
  • sore throat
  • frequent thirst
  • Not getting thirsty even after drinking water
  • Acidity in stomach
  • heartburn
  • decreased urination
  • Dysuria
  • yellow and thick urine
  • muscle aches, cramps, and stiffness
  • having a headache
  • dizzy
  • feeling tired
  • eyes roll in and
  • dark circles under eyes

Home remedies to remove dehydration i.e. lack of water in the body

To overcome the lack of water in the body and avoid it, you can adopt some small home remedies which will not only save you from this problem but will also keep many problems away from you.

  1. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day and even more in summer. Some people start drinking soft drinks, beer, coffee, soda, etc. instead of water. Although these things are liquid like water, they not only harm health but there can be a problem of dehydration.
  2. One should not drink water immediately after coming from outside in summer, after a while when body temperature becomes normal drink normal water.
  3. Always drink water half an hour before a meal or an hour after a meal.
  4. Never drink water in between meals (You can drink a small amount of water if needed). Drinking water during meals will make it difficult to digest food.
  5. If there is a sufficient amount of water in the body, then diseases like intestinal cancer, bladder cancer, and breast cancer can be avoided.
  6. Drink filtered water to keep the body hydrated. This water is low in non-essential chemicals and toxins such as fluoride and chlorine.
  7. Drink herbal tea. Problems like inflammation, stress, digestion, and headache are also removed by drinking them. Herbal teas contain useful ingredients like ginger, mint, and chamomile.
  8. Eat plenty of vegetables along with a liquid diet. The amount of water in fruits and vegetables found in this season is high. If you cannot drink much water, then fruits and vegetables can be taken in the form of salad. It also provides essential nutrients to the body.
  9. Eating seasonal fruits like mango, watermelon, cantaloupe, bael, etc. gives a feeling of freshness and coolness. These fruits keep the body fit from the inside.
  10. Along with water, essential minerals also come out from the body during sweating. To compensate for this, include things rich in potassium in your diet like banana, pineapple, sweet potato, coconut water, and mango.
  11. Do not eat spicy things in summer. This can lead to acidity and heartburn. These can increase the internal temperature of the body and damage the fluids in the body, which can lead to dehydration.
  12. If there is a problem with heartburn or constipation, then drink a spoonful of lemon juice mixed with water.
  13. In the summer season, people who do more running and exercise should increase the amount of water they drink. Also, water should be mixed with electrolytes and drunk.
  14. In case of dehydration, make a solution of some salt and sugar in water and drink it immediately.
  15. Drinking raw milk lassi and buttermilk mixed with salt and roasted cumin powder also provides relief.
  16. Drinking coconut water regularly is also helpful in removing the lack of water in the body.

What happens if you drink less water?

Drinking less water leads to dehydration and thickens the blood. Thickening of blood has a direct effect on our heart and increases the risk of heart problems. Not only this, but it also has a proven effect on our skin, the skin becomes lifeless, and wrinkles start to appear. Along with this many other problems also arise.

Which disease is caused by lack of water?

feeling tired (lethargic) or confused, dry mouth, sweating despite extreme heat, not urinating for eight hours, burning urination, dry mouth, lips, and eyes, feeling dizzy or light-headed, watery body Common deficiency problems.