If you see these 10 symptoms, then get your liver checked immediately

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What are the symptoms of liver damage (Liver problem symptoms) – Our liver performs many important functions along with cleaning our blood by filtering all the dirt and toxins present in the diet and plays an important role in keeping the body healthy. If our liver stops working properly, then many serious health problems start in the body.

What are the symptoms of liver damage | Liver problem symptoms

Major symptoms of liver damage include poor digestion, sudden weight gain, swollen feet, changes in the color of eyes, skin and urine, loss of appetite, itching of the skin, bad breath, feeling tired and weak.

Further, in this article, the symptoms of liver damage, liver function, 10 symptoms of liver failure, causes of liver damage, identification of liver failure etc. topics covered in detail.

Signs of liver damage

Liver malfunction can also be a reason behind many small and big diseases. In this article, we are giving you information about the 10 symptoms of liver failure.

Like other parts of our body, our liver is also one of the important organs found in the body. Not only this, the liver is play an important part of your digestive system.

The liver is the largest organ found in the human body. It is present in the upper right part of our stomach, i.e. abdomen. It is responsible for metabolic functions such as converting nutrients from your diet so that your body can use those nutrients and making sure toxins are flushed out before they do any harm.

Liver Functions | What is the work of liver

Our liver works to keep our blood clean and healthy by filtering out all the dirt and toxins present in the diet. Not only this, many types of work done by our body completely depend on our liver.

It clears toxins from the blood, heals wounds after injury, Balances body’s hormones, absorbs nutrients present in food, loses body weight, Increases or builds muscles, Balances cholesterol and sugar levels. Many functions such as storing essential vitamins and minerals, protecting our body from the ill effects of medicines, toxic substances and spoiled food are directly and indirectly related to our liver.

Symptoms of liver failure Diagnosis of liver failure

Reasons for liver damage

Negligence in eating habits, excessive consumption of alcohol or toxic substances, diet in which the amount of fat is very high, some viral infections like hepatitis, these things have a very bad effect on our liver.

Since many important functions of our body are dependent on the liver, so even the smallest defect in it can give rise to serious problems and diseases.

Whose job it is to clean up anything becomes contaminated over time.

Signs of liver damage are so simple that people often ignore these symptoms. They do not understand that liver failure can also be a reason behind these problems.

Whenever there is a defect in any part of our body, our body gives us different warnings about it. There are many symptoms by which we can find out whether our liver is working properly or not.

What are the symptoms of liver damage
Damaged liver

Symptoms of liver damage | Liver problem symptoms

Let us know the symptoms of liver damage, about 10 symptoms of liver damage:-

Impaired digestion

Frequent stomach upset, frequent gas formation, belching, not digesting food properly, feeling like vomiting, all these are signs of poor digestion, which are early symptoms of liver damage.

By separating the toxic substances from the diet, the amount of toxic substances increases in our liver, then even after eating a bit of oat and food, our stomach becomes very bad, due to which our stomach is often upset. And sometimes there are problems like headache.

When the liver is toxic, that is, when the amount of toxic substances in it increases, the speed of liver function slows down and the metabolism of the body starts slowing down due to which our digestive system gets spoiled.

If your stomach is not cleaned properly every day, or you are constantly troubled by stomach related problems, then it may also be related to your liver. In such a situation, you should definitely get your liver checked once.

Fatigue and weakness are symptoms of liver damage

Friends, if you start getting more fatigue and more lethargy continuously, then understand that your liver is giving you the signal i.e. symptoms of liver damage that it has become toxic. One of the most incredibly common symptoms of liver damage is chronic fatigue.

Although it is common to feel tired and weak in today’s stressful life, but whenever it starts happening every day and sometimes weakness is felt in the body, then it can also be related to our liver.

Due to the increase in the amount of toxic substances in the liver, its ability to work begins to weaken, due to which the work of all other internal organs of the body increases and the body starts getting tired quickly. If a person is feeling very tired continuously for more than 60 days, then he must get his liver checked once.

Sudden Weight Gain Symptoms of Liver Damage

If weight loss or sudden weight gain occurs, it may be a sign that you have liver cirrhosis, a disease that develops slowly.

When the amount of toxic substances increases in our liver, then gradually the pressure on the liver also increases. Due to increased stress, the toxic substances present in the liver start accumulating in the fat cells of the body and gradually the fat starts increasing. Due to which, the body weight and fat increases.  Therefore, those people who are not getting rid of the increased obesity for a long time even after doing everything,  they must get their liver checked once.

Bad Breath

There can be many reasons for bad breath, the biggest of which is stomach upset. Liver and stomach problems go hand in hand, that is, if the liver is damaged, the chances of stomach upset also increase significantly. When our stomach is upset, our breath starts to smell, and this is the earliest symptom of any kind of problem in the liver.

Leg and Ankle Swelling

When we ignore the symptoms of liver damage, it starts trying to repair itself and produces new tissues, which are fatal for the liver.

Due to excess tissue, there is an obstruction in the work of the liver, due to which the blood pressure of the body increases and the fluid present in the body starts accumulating in the lower part of the body, due to which  swelling  occurs in the legs. This type of swelling is called edema. Often it is more in the lower part of the knee, and this type of swelling does not cause pain.

Change in Color of eyes, skin and urine

By the way, when the color of our eyes and skin starts turning yellow, then it is considered a symptom of jaundice. Let us tell you that jaundice is a sign of liver damage.

A weak liver increases the amount of bilirubin in the body. Bilirubin is a substance that is produced by the breakdown of dead red blood cells in the liver. Due to a bad liver, the amount of bilirubin in the body increases and it starts causing yellowness in our eyes and skin. To reduce the increased bilirubin, our body tries to excrete it through stool and urine. This causes the color of the urine to appear yellow or brown.

Red palms (Palmar erythema) red palms liver, symptoms of liver damage

Do your hands turn red for no reason? Roughly a quarter of people with liver cirrhosis develop palmar erythema – a reddening of the skin on the palms. Fatty liver disease is a condition involving too much fat in the liver cells that affects people who drink alcohol with difficulty – or avoid alcohol altogether.

Itchy skin

Itching of the skin can also be caused by dryness of the skin, infection or bacteria, but if this itching continues regularly, then a bad liver can also be a reason behind it. Particularly itchy skin is a sign of increased build-up of toxins in the liver or liver damage. When the amount of toxins in our liver increases, then its effect starts on our skin too.

Loss of Appetite

One of the most common symptoms of liver failure is a loss of appetite. The functioning and non-functioning of our liver has a direct effect on our digestive system. Due to not digesting food properly, appetite decreases gradually, lack of diet, frequent dizziness or feeling like vomiting after eating is considered a sign of bad liver.

Spider Nevi, Bulging Veins & Bruising

Spider nevi (small spider-shaped arteries that appear in clusters on the skin). Spider nevi look like a red dot with blood vessels radiating out from the center like a spider’s leg. They may be common in healthy women, but when they occur in the upper half of the body or in large numbers in men, they can be a sign of liver damage.

Also, the cause of blood clots or congestion on the skin is considered to be injury, but if it starts appearing on the body without any reason or if it starts to read blue on the skin with a slight injury, then it is liver. (Liver) is a sign of weakness.

Liver can be protected by improving your lifestyle and keeping moderation in diet. To keep your liver healthy, you should avoid consuming alcohol or toxic substances. Fried and highly spicy foods available in the market should be avoided. Along with this, exercise regularly, consume green vegetables in sufficient quantity.


We hope that the information given on the symptoms of liver damage, liver function, 10 symptoms of liver failure, causes of liver damage, identification of liver failure, subjects will be beneficial for you.

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