Knee Pain

knee pain – Knee pain is one of the most common problems today. Knee pain occurs due to repeated stress, injury or any disease that can affect your daily routine very badly.

Knee Pain : Causes and Treatment

There can be many reasons for knee pain, such as a blow, sprain, knee injury, joint infection or any disease like arthritis etc. Some of these types of knee pain can be treated at home with the help of exercise, walking and some herb such as turmeric, ginger or red chilies present in the kitchen.

In this article, we are going to give information about symptoms, causes, treatment and how to get rid of knee pain, joint pain and arthritis with herb. Along with this, information is also going to be given about the reason for this problem of knee pain and what precautions should be taken in this problem.

Knee Pain

Knee pain is a common complaint that affects children, old and young, people of all ages whether they are men or women. During our daily routine, we constantly walk, run, go up and down stairs, and we can do all this work only when our knees work properly and are completely healthy hence ignoring knee pain, can badly affect your daily routine.

Causes of pain in knees

The causes of knee pain can be anything from injury, illness or infection. Some diseases and causes of knee pain are described below:-

  • Shock or sprain
  • joint infection
  • Knee Injury
  • Arthritis, rheumatoid, osteoarthritis, and gout
  • Bursitis – inflammation of the knee
  • Tendinitis – Pain in the front side of the knee
  • Baker’s cyst – swelling or nodule of the knee that causes pain behind knee.
  • Worn cartilage – pain on the inside or outside the knee joint
  • worn ligament
  • Kneecap out of place
  • pelvic disorder

Other causes of knee pain

  • Increased weight and pressure on the knees due to excessive obesity
  • weak muscles
  • Knee Pain due to gas (Vata) in the body
  • overloading
  • Vitamin and nutrient deficiencies

Knee Pain Symptoms | Symptoms of knee pain

Many symptoms show depending on the cause of the knee pain problem, the location of the knee pain and the problems it causes. Sometimes knee pain is accompanied by symptoms of knee damage which indicate the seriousness of the problem, such as:

  • swelling and stiffness
  • redness and warmth to the touch
  • weakness or instability
  • popping or crunching noises
  • inability to fully straighten the knee

Knee Pain Home Remedies | Get rid of knee pain, joint pain and arthritis with the help of some herbs

 Here we will give you information about 3 daily used  herbs which can prove to be very useful in the treatment  of knee pain, joint pain or arthritis. 


Knee pain with turmeric home spices

Turmeric contains a powerful compound, curcumin, which can be of great help in the treatment of any kind of pain in the body, as it acts as an analgesic and anti-inflammatory.

Knee pain and joint pain or arthritis is a common disorder. Several studies suggest that curcumin can help treat the symptoms of arthritis, and in some cases is even more effective than anti-inflammatory drugs.

Using turmeric tea is a great way to soothe your knee pain.



Both turmeric and ginger are members of the same family. Ginger is also a natural way to relieve pain.

Ginger does not have an immediate effect, but it can be effective in reducing the day-to-day progression of muscle pain. These effects are believed to be due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

It can be used in many ways, such as ginger tea and as an essential oil.

Cayenne pepper

cayenne peppers

Cayenne pepper is a popular spice used in various ways in cooking, and has been used medicinally for thousands of years. Various types of antioxidants are found in this chili which are beneficial for your health.

Cayenne pepper contains capsaicin. Capsaicin has powerful pain relieving properties. It relieves pain by reducing the amount of substance P produced by your body.

Cayenne pepper tea is one of the easiest ways to enjoy all of its properties and as a pain reliever.

Apart from soothing your pain, they can also be used to prepare your favorite dishes, highlighting the flavor of your foods.

Now that you know about the properties of these 3 herbs to relieve knee pain, joint pain or arthritis, try one of them and tell us your experience!


Some important questions and answers related to knee pain:-

What causes knee pain?

One of the main causes of knee pain is the lack of calcium in the body. Apart from this, lack of vitamin-C, vitamin D and other nutrients is the main cause of pain in knees and joints.

How to cure knee pain?

By including nutrients that strengthen bones and muscles in your diet, controlling your weight, and including daily exercise like walking, runningin your routine, you can cure the problem of knee pain to a great extent.