Can we take Haritaki Daily

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Benefits and disadvantages of Haritaki (can we take haritaki daily) – By knowing the health benefits of myrabalan and using myrabalan, me and my family, friends, relatives and many people I know have benefited from myrabalan Looking at this, I have brought information about the advantages and disadvantages of myrabalan and Can we take Haritaki Daily, for you.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Haritaki (Harad)

Haritaki (Harad) is considered a Tridosha killer medicine. It is a harmless mild laxative which is beneficial in clearing the stomach, improving the digestive system, strengthening the body’s immunity, in hoarseness, cough, cold, chronic fever. It is also beneficial in problems of eyes, stomach, skin, heart disease, anemia etc.

How can you use it and Can we take Haritaki Daily, we will going to answer this question based on our 5 years experience, in this blog..

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Those who have even a little knowledge about Ayurveda must have known about Triphala Churna. Triphala is made up of three fruits:-

  1. Harad (Haritaki),
  2. baheda
  3. Amla

In this article, we are going to give you information about the most important herb of Triphala powder. Like what is a haritaki (harad)? What are the advantages and disadvantages of haritaki (Harad)? In what ways can we use it?


Tree of Haritaki (Harad)

Haritaki is a tall tree and is found in India especially in the lower Himalayan region from the banks of the Ravi river to East Bengal-Assam at an altitude of five thousand feet. In Hindi it is also called ‘Harad (हरड़)’ and ‘Harre (हर्रे)’.

What is Harad (Haritaki)?

There are 2 types of Haritaki. Big yellow myrobalan and small black myrobalan . Big yellow myrobalan is used in Triphala and to know about the method of using big yellow myrobalan to remove constipation of small children and for overall health protection, click on this link :-

Benefits of Haritaki (Harad)

  1. Black myrobalan is a harmless mild laxative.
  2. It expels the doshas arising out of Vata, Pitta and Kapha and expels mucus through stool. or
  3. Harad not only removes the contaminated stool accumulated in the intestines through diarrhea, but also gives immunity to fight diseases.
  4. Harad pulls the contaminants located all over the body into the intestines and expels them through feces. Due to which the possibility of getting various types of diseases is eliminated.
  5. Harad purifies the sources and the body by removing obstructions and regulates each organ and heart, brain, stomach, blood, etc. in its natural condition. For this reason, the person who consumes myrabalan remains safe from diseases.
  6. Due to the chemical properties of Harad (Haritaki), it purifies and strengthens the seven metals of the body and provides strength, vigor and freshness to the body. Improves all the functions of the body, makes it natural, maintains the subtle particles of the body in a healthy condition and keeps away from premature old age.
  7. The risk of heart attack or heart disease is greatly reduced to a person who consumes Harad regularly.
  8. Pimples, pimples and acne etc. do not come out by taking it every night for a few days. Grinding myrobalan (haritaki) on pimples also cures pimples.
  9. Eat Harad (Haritaki) with food to increase strength, intelligence as well as to bring the excreta clean.
  10. To digest food in cold, flu, vata and phlegm disorders, eat Harad (Haritaki) after meals.
  11. Eating after chewing Harad (Haritaki) increases appetite. Eating its powder clears the stomach. Boiled, cooked in steam, stops diarrhea and binds stools, roasted and eaten, eliminates all the three doshas: Vata, Pitta and Kapha.
  12. To get the complete benefits of rejuvenation, take with rock salt in rainy season, with sugar in autumn, with dry ginger in hemant, with peepli in shishir, with honey in spring and with jaggery in summer (Haritaki). ) should be eaten.
  13. Harad (Haritaki) with salt cures Kapha, Pitta with sugar and Vata disorders with Ghee and Tridosha or all diseases with Jaggery.
  14. Giving Harad (Haritaki) powder with jaggery is beneficial in piles, indigestion, gulm, vat, blood and research i.e. swelling.
  15. With honey in equine fever, acidosis, raktapitta, with dry grapes in chronic fever, with cow urine in sclerapad, herpes, scabies, Pandu disease, mango, vata, enteritis i.e. hernia, with castor oil on testicular enlargement, harad (haritaki) ) should be taken. Whose quantity ranges from 1 gram to 3 grams.

Disadvantages of Haritaki

Along with providing benefits, in some cases, if care is not taken, then it can also harm your health. Let us know when myrabalan can be harmful: –

  • Any pregnant woman should be careful while consuming myrabalan, rather if possible, it would be better if she does not consume myrabalan.
  • Breastfeeding women should also avoid the consumption of harad. Its consumption can have a wrong effect on the production of milk in the woman’s breast.
  • Excess of everything is bad, so while consuming myrabalan, it should be kept in mind that it should not be consumed in excess.
  • It should also not be consumed by thin, tired person or people with weak immunity.
  • Those who have observed a fast should also not consume Harad.
  • Harad should not be given to children of five years of age or less. If you want to give, then soak myrabalan at night and filter its water in the morning and drink it to small children.
  • Harad is hot in nature, so people with hot nature should be careful in consuming it.
  • In summer it should be consumed in very less quantity and in winter it can be consumed in more quantity.

Can we eat harad everyday? | can we take haritaki daily?

This is a very important question that no one can answer correctly. I can say on the basis of my experience of last 5 years that it should be consumed according to the season like :-

  • You can consume one myrobalan daily in the winter season.
  • Consume it leaving one day in the mild winter season.
  • In normal weather, consume it only once in 3-4 days.
  • In the summer season, consuming one myrobalan in 7-8 days is sufficient.

In this way me and my family have been consuming myrobalan for almost 5 years. In the beginning we did not know about it, but after its effect on the body, we had this experience, which I am sharing with you.

What is the effect of Haritaki (Harad)?

The effect of myrrh is hot and in this matter, on the basis of my own experience, I can say that the effect of myrrh is hot.

How to consume small haritaki?

You can use it, make its powder or like me and my family, you can also swallow a small black myrobalan with water in the form of capsules.


We hope that the benefits and disadvantages of haritaki (Harad) , what is Haritaki, benefits of haritaki, benefits of small haritaki (Harad), disadvantages of haritaki (Harad ) , Can we eat haritaki (Harad) everyday, the information given on these topics will be useful for you.