How much Roti is good for diabetic patient

How much Roti is good for diabetic patient (How much Roti should be eaten in sugar) – Roti is an integral part of Indian food. In such a situation, the patients with diabetes who used to consume Roti voluntarily before, would like to know how much bread (Roti) should be eaten in sugar (Diabetes) and which flour (Aata) bread is beneficial in sugar? And how much food should be eaten in sugar at a time?

Sugar, i.e. diabetes, is a disease caused due to wrong eating habits and wrong lifestyle. Diabetes is a very dangerous disease that over time – by making a deep impact on the parts of our body, makes them sick. When there is sugar, the most care is to be taken of your food and drink. In such a situation, the biggest question comes that how much bread should be eaten in sugar?

How much Roti is good for diabetic patient | How much bread should be eaten in sugar

A diabetic patient should take care of his diet. Instead of eating a full meal at once, you should divide your food into small portions. It is very important for the patient of sugar to eat something at the interval of every two hours. With this, reduce the number of roti you used to eat at a time in your meal to one-fourth and increase the number of vegetables, salads, fruits, fruits in place of roti.

Along with this, it is also necessary to know which flour should the roti be of?

Is wheat roti good for diabetes | Which flour roti should be eaten by a sugar patient?

Diabetes patients should eat bread made of flour so that their blood sugar levels are under control. Along with protein and fiber, the patient with diabetes should also include many other nutrients in his diet. The bran has been removed from the wheat flour available in the market, due to which the nutrients present in it also come out along with the bran. In such a situation, it becomes very much like maida and maida is harmful to sugar patients.

Beneficial flour in diabetes

In such a situation, which flour should be eaten by sugar patients, which should keep their sugar level under control and is also beneficial for their health? Let’s know:-

  • Barley flour
  • jowar flour
  • Buckwheat flour
  • Ragi flour
  • Rajgira Flour
  • chickpea flour
  • Gram Flour
  • And the best is multigrain flour

In our country, many people like to eat rice, they do not eat roti, but they do eat rice. Another question that arises in front of sugar patients is whether rice should be eaten in sugar or not?

Should we eat rice for diabetes or not?

Although diabetes patients can consume all types of rice, brown rice is more beneficial for sugar patients than white rice. White rice contains a high amount of starch, due to which it gets digested quickly. On the other hand, more amount of vitamins, minerals, and fiber are present in brown rice, due to which they take more time to digest.

Why is the diet of a sugar patient so important?

The best way is to keep the blood sugar level under control through your diet, then if it does not come under control, then the sugar patient should use medicines only after consulting a doctor. The sugar patient using the medicine should take the food at the right time.

Failure to do so may result in very low blood sugar levels due to the effects of medicines, causing weakness, sweating, rapid heart rate, and in severe cases, a person may even go into a coma. Therefore, a patient of sugar should take great care of his diet and food timing.


How much bread should be eaten in sugar? If you have sugar, instead of eating roti, focus your attention on eating raw green vegetables, fruits-fruits, salad, etc., and consume them in double quantity than roti.

For the sugar patient, roti made from gram flour or whole grain flour, or multi-grain flour will be most beneficial.

If you like to eat rice, then brown rice is more beneficial for diabetic patients than white rice.

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