HOW DOES HONEY BECOME POISON – Consumption of honey is very beneficial for our health, but honey becomes poison if eaten in the wrong way and with the wrong things. If you consume honey, then it is necessary for you to know how honey becomes poison?


In Ayurveda, honey is considered like nectar and it is also used to make many medicines. Not only this, honey is a yogvahi, that is, whatever it is mixed with and consumed, it greatly enhances the properties of that thing.

Honey also has anti-oxidant, anti-septic, anti-viral, and anti-fungal properties. Also, whatever honey is mixed with and eaten, it increases the quality of that thing.

What is found in honey? | Nutritional benefits of honey

With the information about the nutrients present in honey, you will also understand what is found in honey and how beneficial it is.

Nutrients like iron, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, minerals, and vitamins like vitamins A, B, C, and antioxidants are present in honey. The information about their quantity in 100 grams of honey is given below.

NutrientsQuantity per 100 grams
Water17.1 grams
calories304 kcal
protein0.3 g
Carbohydrate82.4 grams
fiber0.2 g
Sugar82.12 grams
calcium6 mg
Iron0.42 mg
magnesium2 mg
Phosphorus4 mg
potassium52 mg
sodium4 mg
zinc0.22 mg
manganese0.08 mg
Copper0.036 mg
selenium0.8 µg
vitamin C0.5 mg
riboflavin0.038 mg
niacin0.121 mg
folate2 micrograms
colleen2.2 mg

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What is the Property of Honey? | Is Honey hot or cold?

Honey is considered nectar in Ayurveda and it is used extensively in India and abroad, but still many people do not know whether honey is hot or cold, what is the effect of honey on our body? Let us know the answer to this question.

According to Ayurveda, the effect of honey is hot, so as far as possible, it should not be eaten by mixing it with hot things. The reason for this has been mentioned above, yet remind me that honey is a yogvahi i.e. honey enhances the properties of whatever it mixes with.

Yes, if you are manufacturing a medicine to cure any disease, then you can use honey according to the quantity prescribed for the manufacture of that medicine. Whether it has to be mixed with a hot-tasting object or with a cold-tasting object, such as garlic and honey, Garlic is also hot in effect and honey is also hot in effect, but by mixing these two in the right quantity, at the right time, consuming the right amount, the body gets many benefits.

How does honey become poison ?

If you consume honey in the right way then it will be very beneficial for health, but if you consume honey anti-diet If it is consumed with or if honey is consumed in a wrong way, then the nectar of honey turns into poison, and instead of giving benefit, it harms the body. Let us know how honey should not be consumed and how honey becomes poison?

Also, from the following information, you will also know When and how not to eat honey,

When honey is heated, it becomes poison

If you want to consume honey, then it is best that you eat it ad it is, there is no need to cook or heat it. Not only this, honey should never be eaten by mixing it with hot water, milk, or any hot thing. If you use honey after heating or with a hot object, then it can spoil your health. On heating, honey becomes poison and harms the body.

Some people will say that there is a very famous home remedy of Ayurveda, in which it has been advised to consume lemon and honey mixed with warm water in the morning on an empty stomach, is it wrong? No friends, it is not wrong, but do not mix lemon and honey in hot water, but take lukewarm water, as much hot water as you can drink easily, mix lemon and honey in as much hot water.

Honey and Ghee make poison

Honey and Ghee both are like nectar for our health. Like honey, ghee is also rich in nutrients. But they should never be consumed by mixing these two together. The mixture of honey and ghee can be fatal for the body. It even becomes poison and can be fatal. Not only this, honey should not be consumed by mixing it with any oily and greasy food.

Do not drink honey with tea and coffee

Many people like to consume honey mixed with tea and coffee and think that it is beneficial for them. Adding honey as a sweetener to tea and coffee can be very dangerous for your health. Tea and coffee, both are hot things and if you drink honey mixed with them, honey will make their effect even hotter. The effect of this mixture will become so hot that the body will not be able to tolerate it and the person will become ill.

Do not mix equal quantity of water and milk with honey

While consuming honey with water or milk, keep in mind that milk and honey and water and honey should not be consumed by mixing equal amounts. You should use only 1 teaspoon of honey in 1 glass of water or 1 glass of milk. Honey becomes poison by mixing an equal quantity of honey with water or milk.

Honey with radish

There must be a gap of about an hour between the consumption of both honey and radish. Honey and radish are anti-diet and whenever honey and radish are consumed together, toxins start forming in our bodies. Due to this, the body gets harmed and the person’s risk of getting sick increases.

Consumption of honey in excess is harmful

Excess of everything is bad and honey is an Ayurvedic medicine. Consuming it in excess at one time can be harmful. If you want this medicine to be beneficial for you, then do not consume more than 1 – 1 teaspoon of honey thrice a day.

Honey becomes poison with non-veg

Consuming honey with meat and fish is like poison. Therefore, it should never be consumed by mixing honey with non-veg. Honey is like poison in ghee, oil, and butter.

Do not consume honey after ingesting toxic substance

If a person has accidentally consumed poison i.e. poison or any kind of toxic substance, by mistake or for any reason, then by feeding him honey, the effect of the poison increases greatly and the person dies immediately. The reason for this we have already mentioned above.

Avoid honey in fever

Consuming honey in a rising fever is like consuming poison.

That’s how honey becomes poison

Not only this, honey should never be mixed in rainwater, with hot and spicy food, with fermented beverages like whiskey, rum, brandy. Also mixing honey with sugar is like adding poison to nectar.

Friends, next time while using honey, keep these things in mind so that honey does not become poison.

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