Garlic for hemorrhoids

Garlic should be eaten in piles or not (Garlic for Piles Patient) – Pile is a disease in which it is advised not to consume things with hot properties. Whereas the property of garlic is hot. In such a situation, some people believe that garlic should not be used in piles, while according to some people, the medicine made from garlic is an effective treatment of piles.

In such a situation, if the question arises in your mind whether garlic should be eaten in piles or not? Garlic for hemorrhoids, is there any benefit or harm of garlic in piles? And if you want to eat garlic, then how to eat garlic in piles? Garlic for piles treatment is going to answer all these questions in this article.

Should I eat garlic in piles or not? | Garlic for hemorrhoids | Garlic for Piles Patient

Should I eat garlic in piles or not? The answer to this question is ‘yes’ but in the form of medicine and in very little quantity because the effect of garlic is very hot, but garlic has anti-inflammatory, anti-biotic, and anti-fungal properties, due to which it can be used in piles. It is also helpful in reducing inflammation and killing the germs of piles. Not only this, but it is also helpful in treating constipation, a problem that worsens piles.

Keep reading to know what are the benefits of garlic in piles? And how to eat garlic in piles, that is, the way to make its medicine and what can be used for it?

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What are the benefits of garlic in piles?

  1. According to Ayurveda, constipation and piles are diseases caused by the vitiation of vata in the body and garlic is the most effective medicine to cure vata diseases.
  2. Garlic has powerful anti-inflammatory properties, due to which it can reduce the inflammation in piles, which helps in reducing piles of piles. Which is the main symptom of piles.
  3. The strong antibiotic properties of garlic can kill the germs that can aggravate the symptoms of hemorrhoids.
  4. Garlic can lower blood pressure by reducing the pressure in the blood vessels.
  5. Due to the anti-oxidant properties of garlic, it is beneficial in removing abnormal cells or unwanted cells.

Methods of using garlic in piles | Garlic for Piles Treatment

  • Boiling 1-2 cloves of raw garlic in milk, taking it at night increases the digestive power of the body and the stool comes out easily, which provides relief in constipation. If there is a problem of constipation with piles, then you have to exert more force to pass the stool, which worsens the problem of your piles. But drinking warm garlic milk provides relief in constipation. Thus, consumption of garlic can gradually reduce the swelling present near the anus or rectal area.
  • You can simply put a clove of garlic in the anal area as a suppository. It helps in shrinking the hemorrhoids present in the anus by reducing inflammation and acting as an anti-bacterial agent.
  • If you do not want to use garlic as a suppository, squeeze its bud to extract its juice and apply it on your hemorrhoids. Leave it on for a few minutes or till the next time you go to the toilet and see its effect.
  • The benefits of garlic are increased by using it by crushing garlic and mixing it with coconut oil. Coconut oil and garlic together make defecation easier and their anti-inflammatory properties can also reduce the size of piles by increasing their anti-inflammatory properties.

Pay attention before using garlic on piles

  • Let me tell you again that the effect of garlic is very hot, so consume it in limited quantity only.
  • Applying garlic on piles can give a prickling feeling, but it should be considered that without pain there is no benefit. So, the next time you have the fear of prickling garlic on piles, think about its benefits and try it.
  • Cut a clove of garlic into few pieces and swallow them or apply it on your piles twice a day and piles will disappear within few days.
  • Remember, before taking garlic as a home remedy, consult a doctor as he is the only one who can understand the severity of your disease and give you the right advice.
  • The patient of piles should stay away from red chillies, black pepper, spicy food, items made of maida, non-veg and hot things.
  • The patient of piles should drink plenty of water. Due to this, one of the reasons of piles, that is, the heat of the body is removed, as well as the stool also becomes loose and comes out easily.

Should hot water be drunk in piles?

By drinking hot water, the stool becomes soft and is easily expelled, which gives relief to the problem of piles, so drinking hot water is beneficial in piles.

What happens if you drink tea in piles?

The effect of tea is hot and the patient of piles should avoid taking tea. Its consumption increases the heat in the body and causes damage in piles.